February 22, 2019

The Values Blueprint


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Integrating Values Into the Heart of Small Business


Millions of Customers. Only 5 Values Blueprints.

You know it happens. Sooner or later. Every time.

They ask with a smile. What do you do?

It’s the question business professionals get asked so many times that hundreds of books have been written on the right way and the wrong way to answer that question.

There is, however, a much more important question.

It’s just as easy to ask, but it’s much more difficult to answer.

It’s a question that goes largely unanswered.

Mostly because it goes unasked.

That question is this:

WHY do your customers REALLY buy what you sell?

And I’m not talking about the surface answers. The stuff like ‘Because we have a good relationship. Because we give good service. Because they know, like and trust us.

I’m talking about the deep psychological buying motivations that cause your customers to give you money, when it would be much easier to leave it in their bank accounts, let alone give it to one of your competitors.

Being able to answer that question brings clarity to your business. It has enabled many business owners to create a sales and marketing message so clear, compelling, and concise that it cuts through the noise of today’s crowded market place to the extent that it can sell your product or service in 5 seconds or less.

Let’s take a real day to day example.  Your Elevator Pitch.

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ll have been told (and maybe even taught) how to give an elevator pitch. You know it’s that 30 to 40 seconds that will have your listeners hanging on your every word.


Over the years we’ve observed that 95% of elevator pitches fail before they begin. Not because of a lack of time or effort on behalf of it’s owner, but simply because they don’t recognize and address the single most important factor of the listener’s psychology at the very point you’re giving your pitch.

It’s what we call The Psychology of Pitching, and we’ve found that a 30 second elevator speech is usually about 25 seconds to long.

But there’s another issue.

Every customer or prospect you encounter has a specific way of deciding what to buy, who to buy it from, when to buy it, and importantly how much to pay. Of course these decisions are influenced by what you sell. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist (or a customer psychology trainer for that matter) to know that buying a $200 mobile phone requires a very difference set of considerations than buying a $20,000 technology solution that will impact your business for the next 10 years.

Whatever your customers age or gender, their background or profession, the same rules of buying behavior apply. They apply essentially because we’re all human. Regardless of our culture we all have the same needs, the same fears, and the same desires.

These decisions are based on a combination of our nature and nurture values. They form our unique combination of the values we had DNA coded at birth, and the values we developed through our social environment and upbringing.

Despite there being millions of customers,  millions of businesses, selling millions of products and millions of services, there are only 5 Values profiles. We call these profiles Your Values Blueprint, and every customer, business owner and sales professional has a Values Blueprint.

Your Values Blueprint contains the distinct psychological triggers that drive not only the way we buy, but also the way think, the way we act, and the way we communicate.

Your Values Blueprint is calculated using our unique uMIND Technology, and integrates the science of psychometrics with the leading edge knowledge of conscious values psychology.

And they differ to such a degree it’s like speaking 5 different languages.

Speak your prospect’s language, and your sales conversation becomes more effective. However, if you speak ‘out of tune’ you’ll get a look that resembles the proverbial ‘deer in the headlights‘.

As you’ll discover in your own Values Blueprint, communicating using ‘M’ language to a ‘D’ prospect, then you may as well have stayed at home. Using ‘D’ language to sell to a ‘N’ prospect will feel easier, but just a small step in the wrong direction will leave your prospect disengaged, and you without a sale.

So What Is The Values Blueprint and What Does It Do?

The Values Blueprint Profile is a values assessment tool that provides business owners and sales and marketing professionals with a fast, simple and effective way to identify their customer’s psychological buying values.

By being able to identify, understand and resolve the Values Conflict in their sales process, business owners and their sales can expect a Rapid Business Transformation.

Millions of Entrepreneurs. Only 5 Values Blueprints.

Change Your Mind sbClarity of vision often requires that we look at things from another perspective.

So when you look beneath the surface of the world’s most successful brands, you’ll discover a business aligned with the Personal Values of the founding entrepreneur.

From Steve Jobs at Apple to Richard Branson at Virgin. From Bill Gates at Microsoft to Larry Page at Google.

But despite the millions of entrepreneurs, there are only 5 Values Blueprints.

Pick the one in alignment with your natural and authentic values, and your business success will flow. Pick the wrong one, and you’ll feel like you’re pushing water uphill.

Leading Edge uMIND Technology to Unlock Your Highest Brand Value


  • Your Values Profile

    Your Values Profile is where you most naturally add value to the market place. Studies show that many business owners and executives spend decades without ever leveraging their natural talent.

    The Values Blueprint is built on the premise that what your business needs is for you to be more of YOU.

  • Your Values Foundation

    Your Values Foundation demonstrates how your personality has a specific way of satisfying your four basic human needs.

    Understanding how to integrate these four core needs into business will enable you to create a business that is both financially successful and emotionally rewarding.

  • Your Values Cycle

    Your Values Cycle is connected to the cycles of time and the cycles of business.

    Knowing when and where you naturally thrive in the values cycle is an essential key to you being in the state of performance we call ‘flow’. It’s the place where your Values  Profile comes alive.

90 Day 100% Risk Free Guarantee

OUR PROMISE:  Take Your Values Blueprint Profile today and apply it to your business for a full 90 days.  If it hasn’t had a dramatic impact on your business relationships, just tell us and we’ll refund your money. No Questions. No Small Print.

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Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance. ~ Brian Tracy