February 22, 2019

The Next Big Thing Isn’t a Thing!

As determined by Full Spectrum Leader Bill Veltrop, Founder, Global Guild of Evolutionary Architects.

The next really “Big Thing” needed by all life on our planet is a renaissance in the social architecture of our society. Our social systems – commerce, finance, education, healthcare, government, media, etc. – are suffering the consequences of archaic and fundamentally flawed design. The three major design flaws are:

•  Narrow and/or myopic definitions of success,
•  Systems based on control over people,
•  Systems devoid of capacity to consciously self-evolve.

These design flaws are so pervasive, commonplace and longstanding that they are as water to a fish — invisible. Yet essentially all of the local and global crises afflicting life on our planet – poverty, hunger, unemployment, terrorism, environmental, endless wars, species extinction, etc. – are a result of these flaws.

Our renaissance in social architecture — the reinvention of our social systems — will reverse these design flaws — and change everything.

Notice that each of the above three design flaws is “perfectly designed” to retard our focusing on the root systemic causes of our pervasive crises. As a consequence, our attempts to “fix” these crises frequently exacerbate them. Our “declaring war” on drugs, poverty and terrorism illustrates the futility of attempting, as Einstein put it, to solve problems using the same level of consciousness that created them.

All social systems are perfectly designed… to get the results they get.

As a species we’ve made enormous progress in technological design. We have become masters at inventing, producing and marketing things. Our Industrial and Information Ages have served this kind of evolutionary process very well. However, the unintended consequences of the above design flaws are horrific, and could become fatal for our species. Our collective social systems are “perfectly designed” to produce all of these unintended crises. Our design challenge is to become as innovative and collaborative in addressing our environmental and social design challenges as we have in the development and marketing of our “things.”

GlobalGEA and Full Spectrum Leadership Inc. are deeply committed to promoting and supporting a renaissance in social architecture that reverses the above three design flaws. We can collectively choose to re-invent education, healthcare, governance, business, agriculture, media, security, etc. in ways that will multiply the contribution of those social systems to the well-being of all life — for all time. We can reverse these flawed man-made design decisions. We can learn to “design for life” in all of our social systems.

GlobalGEA and Full Spectrum Leadership Inc. are convinced that together we can evolve the field of social architecture in a way that supports committed leadership in radically multiplying the contribution of their systems to the well-being of all affected life — for all time.

What Is At Stake?

If we continue on our current trajectory, we are increasingly at risk of sliding into a pervasive and perhaps irreversible “hell on earth.” Our global crises fuel each other. We’re on a slippery slope that is getting steeper with each passing month. Many of us believe we still have a window of opportunity to reverse our trajectory, but that this window is closing.

But while the waste, suffering, hostility, violence and environmental degradation caused by our deeply flawedsocial architecture are monumental, even more monumental would be the missed opportunity to consciously evolve ourselves and our social systems in ways that best contribute to the well-being of all life for all time. We are a very young species, still in our adolescence – and so are our social systems. We cannot even imagine what is possible if we choose to design our social systems to develop and grow into adult maturity and wise elder-hood.

Reinventing Our Social Architecture

The good news is that we are capable of developing a social architecture that will support our social systemsin learning how to re-invent themselves. GlobalGEA and Full Spectrum Leadership’s leading approach to facilitating this transformation is GALE (Generative Action-Learning Expedition) — a special-purpose action-learning social architecture that enables a given social system to grow its capacity to become consciously self-evolving — to adapt to a changing world in a way that best serves all life.

MISA’s mission is to support those leaders, providers and investors ready and willing to step up to this challenge and opportunity for their social system – be it an organization, a city or a region. A starting point might be its unique version of a “Blue Star Future:”

“Success” redefined as “contribution to the well-being of life”
Full co-creative partnership with the rest of nature
Opportunities for all to go ‘Full Maslow’
All social systems self-evolving
Fulfilling work for everyone

GlobalGEA and Full Spectrum Leadership offers to serve as architects, guides and providers in support of co-creating and navigating such an audacious action-learning journey. Our goal is to support committed social systems in developing their capacity to achieve their highest vision.

Who Will Benefit?

Everyone wins when committed leaders set out on such a journey. Our individual and collective potential to improve the well-being of all life has no known upper limits. Those who pioneer such an undertaking will be challenged on many fronts. Shifting a worldview that has been entrenched for hundreds of years is a non-trivial undertaking — and not for the faint-hearted. However, we have the potential – and the responsibility – not only to avoid slip-sliding into a hell on earth, but to explore and pioneer who we can become when we grow up.

Together we can learn to consciously co-evolve. The next big thing is not a thing.

The next big thing —

  • Involves achieving breakthroughs in social architecture as profound as the “invention” of photosynthesis, as dramatic as the metamorphosis of the Monarch caterpillar.
  • Involves social architecture designed to develop the capacity of our myriad social systems so that they become conscious of and accountable for their net contribution to the well-being of all life they affect.
  • Marks the emergence of a new era, an age of humanity that is fundamentally different from all prior ages. It will be an age marked by the conscious evolution of our social systems — an “Age of Conscious Evolution.”
  • Opens us to the possibility of creating a Blue Star Future for ourselves and our children’s children.
Watch for it, there are great…