February 22, 2019

Ryan Kolaski

The team of dedicated “people champions” that make up the foundation of Full Spectrum Leadership Inc.the late Doug Cameron, Claire Cameron, Peter Comrie and Joyce Evans, and their associates, bring many decades of rich and diverse training and personal development. Their individual commitments to living their values is frankly, unparalleled. They each bring a richness of experience and understanding to all with whom they choose to engage.

Ryan Kolaski
Capital Finance Specialist & Interim C.F.O.

Ryan serves Full Spectrum Leadership Inc. and its clients as Capital Finance Specialist where he brings exceptional experience is sourcing and raising capital funds for qualified and viable investment projects. He has developed a network of high level worldwide contacts  including investment bankers, lawyers, investment managers, prime brokers, custodians, and other transaction parties.

He also holds a Chartered Business Valuator (“CBV”) designation which he obtained while with KPMG Corporate Finance Inc. Ryan has held the position of Chief Financial Officer for a number of mid-market manufacturing and service companies. Ryan holds a B.Comm (hons) as well as a Masters of Accounting.

∗ Chartered Accountant and Chartered Business Valuator with excellent understanding of all forms of structured finance transactions from working with Big Four in accounting and corporate finance.

∗ Results-driven professional focused on increasing long-term shareholder value through leveraging relationships both from within and outside of an organization.

∗ Track record of implementing tailored “win-win” solutions to achieve long-term organizational goals.

∗ Experience in reviewing transaction documents and comprehensive knowledge of corporate governance, relevant local laws, and regulatory requirements.

∗ Team leader able to lead multi-disciplinary teams while prioritizing and executing multiple mutually exclusive projects in unison.

∗ Well-developed communication skills evidenced in liaising with diverse clientele, including investment bankers, lawyers, investment managers, prime brokers, custodians, and other transaction parties. Strong drafting and presentation skills.


♦ Mergers and Acquisitions
♦ Strategic planning and business development
♦ Financing – Term, Mezzanine, Equity
♦ P&L responsibility, credit management
♦ Staffing, retention, compensation
♦ Cross-functional team leadership
♦ Competitive pricing and benchmarking
♦ Debt Placement / Financial Restructuring