February 22, 2019

Peter Comrie

The team of dedicated “people champions” that make up the foundation of Full Spectrum Leadership Inc.the late Doug Cameron, Claire Cameron, Peter Comrie and Joyce Evans, and their associates, bring many decades of rich and diverse training and personal development. Their individual commitments to living their values is frankly, unparalleled. They each bring a richness of experience and understanding to all with whom they choose to engage.


Cultural transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders.

Organizations don’t transform. People do.

– Richard Barrett


Peter Comrie

The Leader’s Coach & Human Capital Specialist 

Peter 200As an entrepreneur, lecturer, scholar, and specialist in human dynamics, Peter dives headlong into everything he believes in, and excels at most things he does. Passion and enthusiasm are reflected in the results.

Community work and social issues have been two of Peter’s personal motivators. Being a philanthropist all his working life, he is deeply committed to the philosophy of giving without expectation. A founding member and vice-chairman of Altruvest Charitable Services, an organization dedicated to performance improvement for charities, he inspired corporate partners to share openly to help charities deliver their services effectively and efficiently to the communities they serve.

Schooled in many things including legend & mythology and psychology, Peter has turned his scholarly interests towards such diverse studies as the development of personal growth training, awareness, motivational attitudes, and medieval history.

As an international public speaker for three decades and a motivational attitudes seminar and workshop facilitator, he has inspired many listeners for organizations such as; The United Way, TradeBank International, 4-H Council, Canadian Council Womens Advisory Committee, Barter Business Exchange, Bell Canada, Canadian Airlines, American Airlines, and The Fresh Outlook Foundation, to mention a few.

Peter is the co-founder and Human Capital Specialist with Full Spectrum Leadership Inc., and it is from this position he sees the unquestionable need for individuals to take 100% responsibility for the entire life experience. He is also currently the C.E.O. of Vcademy, a psychometric based organization that has developed “The Values Blueprint”, a New Generation MIND Tool to Unlock Your Highest Brand Values.

Peter is committed to the philosophy of “life long learning” as a mainstay and is an uncompromising believer in the human potential. From this position he coaches individuals, couples, and companies down the development pathway to where true “shift happens”.

Peter has forged deep relationships with renowned Full Spectrum Leader Richard Barrett and the team at the Barrett Values Centre, and from that position he integrates Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tools into the works he does with the valued clients of Full Spectrum Leadership Inc.

To get a keener perspective on the works of Vcademy and Full Spectrum Leadership, take a few moments to watch this video on The Values Centre Seven Levels of Consciousness Model.



He invites you to take your own Values Blueprint Assessment here, just click on the graphic below.
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