February 22, 2019

Pamela Glendinning

The team of dedicated “people champions” that make up the foundation of Full Spectrum Leadership Inc.the late Doug Cameron, Claire Cameron, Peter Comrie and Joyce Evans, and their valued associates, bring many decades of rich and diverse training and personal development. Their individual commitments to living their values is frankly, unparalleled. They each bring a richness of experience and understanding to all with whom they choose to engage.

Pamela Glendinning
Employee Benefit and Insurance Specialist

Born in a small town in Saskatchewan, Pamela has, over the years,  lived in Calgary, Vancouver and since 1993, in Kelowna, BC . Working in her practice in these areas has allowed her to further her career, and widen her influence in the Insurance Industry. Residing in Kelowna has also provided her ample opportunity to pursue an energetic, action packed lifestyle. Her enthusiasm for life shines through when working with her clients.

For almost thirty years Pamela has been serving her clients with services that clearly demonstrate her operational philosophy that it is her clients that must come first, and not the insurance companies that provide her products.

Pamela recognizes clearly that her valued clients can get their insurance “products” pretty much anywhere. However, where Glendinning Insurance Services separates from the ordinary, is in the personal attention she brings to the equation in her “team” approach and practice with her clients.

In these times, when the business landscape is changing in unprecedented ways, one of the greatest value propositions provided to clients of Glendinning Insurance Services is direct support. Pamela’s client’s clearly recognize the profound value of having her teams expertise readily available as the navigate the myriad of issues they must address to ensure their staff is secured by the right insurance and benefit mix. And they deliver that promise not only well, but exceptionally.

For the valued clients of Full Spectrum Leadership, Pamela and her team ensure that they have available to them the very latest information and options in the areas of:

  • Employee Benefit Programs
  • Life Insurance
  • Living Benefits
  • Estate Planning Services
  • Shared Ownership Corporate Tax Shelters
  • Keyman Insurance

In addition to the services Pamela and Glendinning Insurance provide to our clients, she also brings a deep sensitivity to the new arena that businesses must operate within today. Navigating this new landscape demands courage, commitment, adaptability, and insight. Pamela not only brings that to the table, but inspires it in her clients.