February 22, 2019

Alan Lewis

The team of dedicated “people champions” that make up the foundation of Full Spectrum Leadership Inc.the late Doug Cameron, Claire Cameron, Peter Comrie and Joyce Evans, and their valued associates, bring many decades of rich and diverse training and personal development. Their individual commitments to living their values is frankly, unparalleled. They each bring a richness of experience and understanding to all with whom they choose to engage.

Alan Lewis
Values Alignment Specialist

Alan LewisWith over 20 years as a corporate trainer, consultant and salesman including ten years with a FTSE 100 company, Alan Lewis has consulted with executives of £300 million organizations and trained thousands of professionals in hundreds of teams to create rapid business transformations.

Alan is Certified Barrett Values Consultant and the creator of The VALUES Blueprint™ System, a personal brand identity tool that enables values driven leaders and entrepreneurs to develop an authentic personal brand by integrating their natural talent and personal values.

Having delivered hundreds of training courses on topics from branding to leadership, from sales and marketing to finance, from technology to team building, he uncovered the factor that consistently impacts success is the degree of Values Alignment. As a result Alan specializes in delivering talks, courses and events on Values Alignment and Integrated Business Development.

In his presentation, The VALUES Blueprint™, Alan shows business owners and self-employed professionals why now is the perfect time to build a business that aligns your natural talent with core passions, and personal values. The result is a business that is both financially successful, and emotionally rewarding. Alan’s philosophy is simple: Values Aligned businesses thrive. Financially. Emotionally. Spiritually.

Renowned as a dynamic and inspirational speaker, Alan’s insights into the new business paradigm will challenge the way you think about running and leading your business.

While he speaks on the subject of business values alignment and integrated business development to a range of business audiences across the UK, Canada and the USA, he specializes in training entrepreneurial sales and service professionals. You can see Alan in action at Alan Lewis

As the principle architect of The Values Blueprint, Alan has brought together his decades of experience and observations, and designed a tool that is clearly destined to be a “game-changer” in this new business paradigm. His association with Full Spectrum Leadership ensures that his vision for a values-based business environment will be realized. To learn more about how this valuable tool can help in your business, click on the link below.

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