February 22, 2019

The IMPACT Evening

Undoubtedly the most important first step in building powerful relationships is the The IMPACT Evening event. This is a highly unique and valuable opportunity for you to decide what is important for you and your life. It is an investment in yourself and a time for you to shift your personal and professional relationship development objectives to your next level.

Who should attend this evening event?

If your life is amazing, all your relationships work, you have the partner of your desires, a blisteringly happy family life, you work at the vocation you just love, have wealth in every area of your life, support all of your worthy causes, and all dogs and children adore you, then you likely don’t have to attend this event.

If on the other hand, there is an area in your life that could use attention, then you would benefit from attending. It could inspire you to really lead the person that deeply needs your “Leadership”, YOU. You’ll likely see yourself in a whole new way.

This will be an engaging inter-active evening where you will have an opportunity to explore questions like:

“What’s really important for me?”
“What is my true potential?”
“What is getting in my way of my achieving my true potential?”
“What steps do I need to take to live the life of my dreams?”

Regardless of any choices or decisions you may make, The Impact Evening will be fun, insightful, interesting and valuable.

Come and enjoy The IMPACT Evening event. We are really looking forward to meeting you and seeing you there!


The IMPACT Evening
To Be Announced

Best Western Inn Kelowna
Hwy 97 at Leckie

Phone: 250-765-3269 to reserve.

(This is a Complimentary Event)

We`re looking forward to meeting you.