February 22, 2019

Full Spectrum Leadership Scholarship Program

We are deeply proud to announce the launch of the

Full Spectrum Leadership Scholarship Program.

The founders of Full Spectrum Leadership are committed to living the principles that the original developer of the programs, the late Alexander Everett, envisioned for his students. He knew a vibrant and responsible community of leaders would result as a consequence of the training.

The Full Spectrum Leadership Alumni reflect the principles of win/win in all of life’s circumstances, and they take 100% responsibility for the entire life experience. They also believe that “giving back” is essential to integral living.

Since the outset of the Full Spectrum Leadership endeavor it is our committed intention to develop a program that would help those who serve us.

Canada is recognized world wide as a country that puts its service men and women into rich and varied rolls throughout the globe in peacekeeping, military defense, disaster relief, and an entire myriad of service functions. These dedicated people set examples of leadership that is very much envied by many nations. It is to these outstanding people in our region that we dedicate the Full Spectrum Leadership Scholarship Program.

Here’s how it works, and how you can play an important role.

We have connected with the British Columbia Military Families Resource Centre and have agreed to make available the Full Spectrum Leadership Basic Program to any returning veteran, from any theater of engagement,  or eligible family member in our region at no cost to them.

And, we are spreading the “giving” practice even further.

We are frequently asked to “showcase” our personal development programs to companies and organizations who are interested in employing them within their own enterprise. And, as we are are a “for profit” company, we are often requested to provide this “showcase” for no charge. You know, the “sample” stuff.

So here’s what we’ve decided to do: We are making available seats in every one of our “Basic” classes for Company Owners, Presidents, or C.E.O.’s where they can personally attend and participate in the training class at no charge. However, for this consideration, we request that they donate at least one (1) fully paid class seat for a returning veteran or eligible family member referred to us by the British Columbia Military Family Resource Centre.

So, how can you play an important role in this initiative?

Many of our Alumni, friends, and business associates, and perhaps even you, have a family member who has been in our Canadian Military, or may still be engaged, who you would like to honor. You can donate a place in one of our Basic classes in their name.

Our Managing Director, Claire Cameron, is administering the Scholarship Program with full Public Audit Protocols. Every individual or company that donates seats in our classes for eligible participants will be entitled to a copy of the Scholarship Program Audit to validate that 100% of the seat cost is dedicated to the relative participants.

We are very excited about this initiative, and we’re looking forward to advancing it greatly in the years to come.

For more information contact any of the Full Spectrum Leadership Founders.

Come and help serve those who serve us.