February 22, 2019

Full Spectrum Leadership Intensive

So you have been through the Full Spectrum Leadership Basic and now you are ready to tackle the Full Spectrum Leadership Intensive! This five day intensive residential retreat takes the tools, concepts and learnings from the Full Spectrum Leadership Basic to a whole new level.

  • Look deeper at the perspectives and concepts developed in The Basic experience.
  • Create new personalized tools to accelerate your capabilities.
  • Experience breakthrough at a profound level.
  • Design your own personalized instant de-stressor.
  • Shed more of the baggage that impedes your life.
  • Peel away even more layers in the discovery of your authentic self.
  • Experience who you really are.

The Full Spectrum Leadership Intensive

Day 1
Meet your fellow Intensive members. Explore some of the fundamentals for a successful experience during the week. Have a deeper look at relationship strategies and start your journal. Friday evening 7:00pm to midnight.
Day 2
Day 2 begins with a dynamic centering process. Much of Day 2 is spent stirring up what is important for you to work on in order for you to spring board your life to a higher level.
Day 3
This is breakthrough day. High powered interactive, experiential exercises and processes designed to release you from what has been holding you back. You will craft a customized instant de-stress technique that is solely for you and will last for your lifetime.
Day 4
Day 4 is stretch day. With music and dance, fun and laughter you will have the opportunity to break through barriers and self imposed limitations.
Day 5
Completion, closure, graduation and celebration are the themes for today. This concludes a major step in your Full Spectrum Leadership adventure. However, this is not the end, but rather a beginning for you to implement, leverage and enjoy a new set of dynamics that will most certainly support you in achieving heights you had never before dreamed of.
Grad Celebration
Past grads join us for a spectacular and powerful process to close the training. Grads, come back to re-connect with the energy of the training and in particular the Celebration process as well as support the newest group of Full Spectrum Leaders.
Guests Celebration
Invite friends, family and the other important people in your life to join us for Celebration at the end of the week. Let them come to meet the people you have been hanging out with all week and cheer you on as you graduate.
Follow Up
A system of follow up in various forms is put in place for each graduating group of Leaders utilizing experienced grads and other Intensive graduates.
Future Grad Celebrations
Reconnection to the training through a powerfully anchored Celebration process is a key element in the integration of the Full Spectrum Leadership experience into your life. Make attendance at future Grad Celebrations part of your commitment to yourself and the life you want to create.
Future Full Spectrum Leadership Intensive Seminars
Imagine being part of the team that enables new Full Spectrum Leaders to undertake their journey. Imagine assisting and supporting the transformations and profound breakthroughs of these Leaders during the week. Volunteer crew positions are available to Full Spectrum Leadership grads. Continue and enhance your own journey by supporting others in their experience.