February 22, 2019

Full Spectrum Leadership Corporate Counsel Team Program

The “Full Spectrum Leadership Corporate Counsel Team Program” was born from the widening awareness by numerous of our corporation based clients that they would like to access our Principal Team’s broad individual and collective expertise on an on-demand basis. This established leadership consulting and coaching approach is proving to be of immense value to our clients who choose to think win win in their respective missions, and while keeping budgets within very reasonable limits.

In a nutshell, the Business Case:

Ø  Access a wide and deep skill set covering a range of experience, specialties and approaches at a fraction of the cost of hiring just one senior team member.

Ø  Access a team of objective experts and executive coaches focused solely on the stated objectives of the assignment – no side agendas.

Ø  Access the Full Spectrum Leadership extensive network of disciplines where additional expertise is required.

Ø  Bottom line, outstanding Return on Investment demonstrated in improved organizational performance and effectiveness.

The Counsel Team has over 75 years of combined experience. In dealing with almost every aspect of “Human Dynamics”,  we have addressed diverse situations utilizing a variety of modalities and cover specialities that include:

Ø  Personal and Professional Development.

Ø  Executive, Corporate, and Individual Coaching.

Ø  Human Resource Assessment and Counseling.

Ø  Relationship Re-Construction.

Ø  Risk Analysis and Management.

Ø  Conflict Mediation and Resolution.

Ø  Board Development and Coaching.

Ø  Executive Team Health Check.

Ø  Succession Planning and Development.

Ø  Experiential Training and Counseling.

Ø  Strategic and Tactical Planning/Execution.

Ø  Structure/Systems Evaluation and Development.

So how does the “Full Spectrum Leadership Corporate Counsel Team in Residence” work?

Once introduced, the team meet with the senior decision making executives, to discuss the conditions and issues faced by the enterprise. The “Corporate Counsel Team” analyzes the data and return with recommendations that reflects how the two organizations can work together to achieve the stated and agreed upon objectives. At that time budgets and costs are tabled for consideration and agreement.

Once the retainers and working agreements are in place, the “Corporate Counsel Team” collaborate with members of the management and executive teams and determine a communications strategy and operational plan that best reflects the stated objectives. Also, the “In Residence” component of the program allows for each member of the company’s assigned team to access the “Corporate Counsel Team” on an as needed basis to address any situation or condition within the bounds of the assignment. Effectively a 911 strategy to a highly objective and focused team of responders.

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