January 19, 2019

Leadership Mission – The Goal of Full Spectrum Leadership


One Thousand Full Spectrum Leaders!

The Leadership Mission and the goal of Full Spectrum Leadership Inc. is to develop 100 Leaders per year for the next 10 years. By the year 2022, 1000 Leaders will have joined the ranks of those whose commitment is to inspire win/win solutions in all conditions they encounter.  The foundational essence of true leadership.

Full Spectrum Leaders know that their future, and their personal Leadership Mission is dependent on them stepping up and taking 100% responsibility for their entire life experience, living in integrity, by their own personal design, and with a community of like-minded adventurers.

A question for now is: “Are you ready to be one”?

Full Spectrum Leadership is the timely solution for a world that is crumbling around us. It is packed with ideas and plans by personal development heroes, self starters, bootstrap entrepreneurs, geeks, flakes, independent business champions and astute business operators from around the world. It’s called prophet-sharing.

Success stories of Full Spectrum Leaders give us the inside scoop on the best kept secrets of business building, personal development strategies, effective networking, New Economy corporate leadership, bartering, direct sales, living large, avoiding un-informed human dinosaurs, and living this magnificent life in full integrity, and by our own design.

Full Spectrum Leaders steer clear of those with a Paleolithic mindset on their full speed, head long, out-of-control race to the bottom. They engage with those on a leadership mission, corporate, and community-based adventurers that work with open minds, compact technologies, and smart-minded systems that tap into the “New Economy” and give back much more than they ever need, or expect to take.

They practice living with a personal attitude embracing Full Spectrum Leadership attitudes and techniques. It’s a can-do, intuitive, no time for doom and gloom, no time for analysis-to-paralysis. It is a solution-focused life, lived to the full in this inter-connected 21st century world.

A variant of Full Spectrum Leadership is the pre-condition for success at the cutting edge of personal responsibility, where the needs of this “New Economy” are pushing up against society’s and business’s failing old guard. In fact, many of the “old guard” are discovering they too are developing a whole new enthusiasm for the Full Spectrum Leadership Mission.

The Full Spectrum Leaders of the “New Economy” are a willful bunch because they believe where there’s a will, there’s a way. They’ll give new ideas a try before rejecting them out of hand.

When we practice Full Spectrum Leadership in our lives it’s possible to identify the complex skills, styles and stances that make effective leaders tick as this “New Economy” gathers force and we rise to the occasion of the new opportunities that unfold before us.

Yes, it is a “new” world and the question is: “Will you be one to rise to the occasion”?

Full Spectrum Leadership is for the adventurers of the “New Economy”, where they develop outstanding relationships, make great money, and dance around the dinosaurs.

Living in the world of Full Spectrum Leadership is certainly not for the faint-of-heart. It is a whine-free, take charge zone, where Full Spectrum Leaders don’t back a way from a challenge, but feel, like the old suffragist slogan had it, “I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.” They just aren’t prepared to give the right of decision to someone else.

Full Spectrum Leaders are happy pioneers. Cheer leaders, they know that laughter is the best medicine, and that “good on you” goes much further than “good for you”, and they clearly know that the business of “change” is about giving people a positive experience.

In this very obvious time of “change” Full Spectrum Leaders are absolutely clear that when one door closes, another opens. And they certainly do not get trapped in what Alexander Graham Bell propositioned when he said “That we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

They know that this is the new beginning, not the end, that is upon us, and the next step is to take the next step.

And the last question is “Are you ready to take the next step”?


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