February 20, 2017

Integrating Values Into the Heart of Small Business.

Times have indeed changed and we have certainly determined that Professional Sales Trainers are the trusted counselors that guide their clients into functioning successfully in this new business paradigm. It is becoming clearer daily that the social organizing principle has changed from "money" and is now "relationships". With this shift, and in these early days, it is becoming evident that many of the tools and technologies that served us in the old business landscape, no longer apply. As … [Read more...]

A Monday Motivation!

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Marshall Goldsmith’s Big Idea

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To start off the New Year!

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Final Thought for 2013!

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A Pre-Xmas Consideration!

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The Values Blueprint Rationale

  The Values Blueprint The Values Assessment Tool for Entrepreneurial Sales Teams Noted ethicist and educator Dr. Robert Rue proclaims, “Values are the essence of who we are as human beings. Our values get us out of bed every morning, help us select the work we do, the company we keep, the relationships we build, and, ultimately, the groups and organizations we lead. Our values influence every decision and move we make, even to the point of how we choose to make our … [Read more...]

On This Remembrance Day, Take A Pittance of Time!

A special note from Peter for Monday November 11, 2013 Good day there all and my heartiest welcome to you on this Remembrance Day. If you have been around here for any time you know that I have some very strong opinions on the whole subject of war, and state sponsored violence. My views have not mellowed with the passing of many decades. That being said, my views about the grand folks who have paid the ultimate price has not ever changed either. These brave souls had their lives … [Read more...]

Handel – “Messiah”

Posted for Saturday 9th November 2013. On this Remembrance Day weekend I was thinking that it would be appropriate to  share with you one of my favorite musical performances. The Choir of King's College in Cambridge simply make this truly spectacular. I hope you enjoy the experience.       … [Read more...]

The Midweek Moment

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