February 22, 2019

2012—The Year to “Step Up” and Make a Difference!

SaturdayPosted by Full Spectrum Leader Dr. John Izzo

No doubt you’ve noticed things are shaking up in the world. People are reclaiming their power and stepping up to effect change. And it’s about time. I recognized this and wrote Stepping Up to affirm that every one of us has the power to make a difference. It is filled with inspiring stories of how ordinary people took action to do extraordinary things.

But Stepping Up isn’t just a book—it’s a movement committed to making a difference. It’s asking, what can I do to make things better? It’s seeing a need and deciding that you are the person that can and will do something about it.

Take the 30 Day Stepping Up Challenge

We’re kicking off the New Year with a 30 day Stepping Up challenge and we want you to join us. Decide what stepping up means to you, then take action. To inspire others and maintain momentum we’d love you to share your story or stories of others you know who made a difference. To get you fired up, check our website www.steppingupforchange.com and watch the videos of people who have stepped up.

Examples of Ways to Step Up

  • Business: volunteer as a team, start using recycled products, have an office wide campaign top celebrate people who have stepped up
  • Environment: recycle, stop using plastic bags, adopt a stray, join a conservation group
  • Relationships: refuse to participate in gossip or anything that demeans another, intervene and speak up if you see someone being bullied
  • Work morale: stop complaining, offer solutions
  • Leadership: be happy and positive, refuse to be a victim – take 100% responsibility 0% excuses
  • The World: speak up and call a talk show, write your representative, sponsor a good cause, take an action you have been waiting to take

Join the Movement

Commit:  Make a 30 day commitment to step up. Big or small, just decide what you want to do and take action.

Share:  Share your stepping up stories on your personal blog and with our communities:
• Join our community on Facebook
• Use #StepUp30Day hashtag on Twitter
• Join the SteppingUp website community

Spread the Word:
• Share this along with videos from our site with others challenging them to   take a step in the next 30 days.
• Inspire others to take action by sharing your personal stepping up stories.
• Join our 30 Day Step Up for Change Tweetathon on January 4th and use the hashtag #StepUp30Day to share stories and grow the movement.

Do something—anything!  If not you, who?  If not now, when?

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