February 22, 2019

Full Spectrum Leadership Is About Taking Personal Responsibility


Your Business, Just Like Your Life, Works in Direct Proportion to the Amount of Responsibility You Are Willing To Take For It!


Are You Ready To Take It…Really?


Full Spectrum Leadership Inc. supports the TED initiatives. To assist you in setting your mind to the possibilities in the work we do, take a few moments to view the video.


For over forty years the principles and practices of Full Spectrum Leadership have been taught by luminaries such as Alexander Everett, Werner Erhard, Buckminster Fuller, and Jim Quinn. These intrepid leaders, and some of the best coaches of their time,  blazed a trail in the second half of the 20th Century upon which untold thousands of today’s leaders journeyed. Their development of conscious leaders goes unparalleled still today.

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An Idea That Was Built For These Times

“There are essentially two categories of people in the world…leaders and victims. Victims are those whose purpose seems to be to criticize and resist leaders until they become victims. Leaders are those whose purpose seems to be to inspire and motivate victims until they become leaders.” Ross Quinn

The conditions that prevail at this time in our world call for an even greater degree of conscious and effective leadership to be brought forth. The entire personal development industry must now be focused on establishing an even stronger foundation on which tomorrow’s leaders must stand. To that end, two significant organizations combined to introduce Full Spectrum Leadership Development to the next generation of 21st Century leaders. Doug Cameron , the co-founder of  The Eppica Centre, and one of the rare individuals personally mentored by the late Jim Quinn, and Peter Comrie of Glasshammer Communications Group joined forces to develop a coaching and leadership development process that will significantly impact 1000 new leaders in this new decade.


Why this, and why now?

Most everyone is aware of the growing complexity of the world we live in. Do you think that situations and events in the world are moving quickly now?

Cisco Systems (the Internet infrastructure builder) has recently announced a new platform for delivering video over the Internet that is 12 times faster than anything we have experienced so far. Twelve times! This single technological innovation will transform, and open up new possibilities, unlike anything we have engaged until now. And, this is only one company introducing one innovation.

There are thousands of companies working on more innovations and new products than we can ever imagine. The startling speed, and the resultant complexity, ergo confusion, creates, no demands, that leaders find a new clarity, vision, and practices, to lead groups of people in new and innovative ways.

So where do leaders, either fully seasoned and experienced, or the next generation of leaders taking their first steps on their journey, go to find the focus, the clarity, and the wisdom to make the right choices? Ironically, they go where leaders have gone for thousands of years.

They go to the TRUTH. Leaders are not born, They are coached, they are developed, they are trained, and they take 100% responsibility for the entire life experience. This is what Full Spectrum Leadership is all about.

Full Spectrum Leadership is a practice as well as a philosophy. At this time in this new century, “change” is the only constant that we can absolutely be sure of, and yet, most people continue to resist this most evident of realities.

At Full Spectrum Leadership Inc. it is our stated intention to work with selected clients who are committed to taking 100% responsibility for their entire life experience, finding the win/win in all life conditions, and dropping fear-based reactionism in favor of Love-Based Leadership.

Full Spectrum Leaders shape their own futures in a pro-active and engaged manner. They commit to living with higher levels of values, ethics, integrity, responsibility, and subscribing to the principle of  “each day in every way, getting better, and better, and better.”

Leading yourself, and leading others is not the same thing. You must be able to lead yourself before you can effectively lead others. Leading an organization is even more demanding and requires an additional set of competencies and skills than leading yourself and leading others. Richard Barrett

The richly diverse, and experienced “Counsel Team in Residence” at Full Spectrum Leadership Inc.has created a model for working with both company’s and individuals that allows them to appreciate and expand the true value of their human capital. An ultimate win/win in the human resource arena.

Counsel Team in Residence Program

Through the Full Spectrum Leadership Counsel Team in Residence Program, implementation of recommendations and on-going review provides a complete package that is the catalyst for growth, while allowing company owners and management to focus on their core business issues. “Change” is the most invited and welcome reality of Full Spectrum Leaders.


  • Personal and Professional Development.
  • Relevant Corporate and Executive Coaching
  • Individual  Personal Coaching.
  • Human Resource Assessment and Counseling.
  • Executive Outplacement and Counseling Services.
  • Relationship Re-Construction.
  • Risk Analysis and Management.
  • Conflict Mediation and Resolution.
  • Board Development.
  • Succession Planning and Corporate Development.
  • Experiential Training and Counselling.
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning/Execution.
  • Structure/Systems Evaluation and Development.


Great leaders create a vibrant culture, infusing the desire and drive to excel.


Our friend and fellow Full Spectrum Leader, Bruce Carlos CIO in Melbourne, Australia, insightfully describes The Seven Key Imperatives of Full Spectrum Leadership in his outstanding article for CIO Magazine.

Our working relationship with The Alan Lewis Group in the United Kindom continues to deepen with the creation of The Values Blueprint. This values assessment tool is proving to be the game-changer for those boundary pushing, entrepreneurial  minded people who are changing the business landscape. If you are interested in finding out how this valuable information can work in your world, click the graphic below.


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It’s All About Personal Responsibility.


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